Acknowledge Receipt dialog box

Use this dialog box to acknowledge the receipt of a file transfer that the Project Center Server has automatically downloaded from Info Exchange.

The Automatically Download Incoming Transfers option in the Info Exchange tab of the Edit Project Settings dialog box must be selected for the Project Center Server to automatically download file transfers and make this dialog box available.

The top section contains the transfer details.

Next Action

Choose the next action to take on the file transfer from the drop-down list.

Just Acknowledge the Transfer

Choose this option to simply add the received event to the item and remove it from the list of open items. No notifications will be sent.

Extract Uploaded Files to the Published Project Folder

Choose this option to open the Extract Shared Folder Upload dialog box to extract the files from the .ZIP file and transfer them to the selected project folder.

Acknowledge Receipt

Click to acknowledge the transfer, which changes its type to Received and adds a Received event to it. Acknowledging it also removes it as an open item for the internal recipients and prevents any reminders from going out to the sender in the future.


To access this dialog box

Select a Pending Incoming Transfer, then click Acknowledge Receipt from the Tasks panel of the Info Exchange Activity Center.



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