Add Company dialog box

Use this dialog box to add a company to the Project Center database. You can then email all contacts in the company, and connect the company with other companies that use Project Center.

Company Information tab


Enter the name of the company.

Web Address

Enter the company's web address.

Spec Section

Click to open the Choose Spec Section dialog box to apply specification sections to the company.


Click to open the Choose Disciplines dialog box to apply disciplines to the company.

Main Contact

Click to open the Choose a Contact dialog box to select the main contact for the company.

Company Type

Click to open the Choose Company Type dialog box to select the company's descriptive type.


Select the rating for this company from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). To clear the rating, place the cursor between the stars so they're all cleared and click.

Show in Company Lists

Mark this checkbox to list this company in company dialog boxes and lists throughout Project Center. All users will be able to see this company.

If this checkbox is not checked, the following occurs:

Users with Content Administrator and Global Administrator roles will still have full access to the company information, but for Professional users:

        The company will still appear in log views.

        The company will still appear in dialog boxes in which you choose contacts and project team members.

        The company will not appear in the Companies tab in the Newforma Contact Directory.

        The company will not appear in the Select Project Team Members from Companies dialog box.

        The company will not appear in the Choose Company dialog box.


Select whether the company was added Manually, the Microsoft Exchange Global Address List, or another source.

If the source is the Global Address List, the fields in this dialog box are read-only and cannot be edited.



If the company has multiple mailing addresses, add them here.

Make Default

Click to make the selected location the default location (this button is enabled if a non-default location is selected). The default location is listed in bold text.

In the Choose Company dialog box, the default location (if set) will be displayed in the Street Address column. Otherwise the first office location address is used.


Click to open the Add a New Location dialog box to add an office location for the company.


Click to open the Company Location dialog box to edit the selected office location.


Click to remove the selected office location.

Location Name

The locations of the company's offices.


The addresses of the company's offices.


The cities in which the offices are located.


The states/provinces in which the offices are located.

Zip/Postal Code

The zip codes in which the offices are located.


The countries in which the offices are located.


The main phone numbers of the offices.


The fax numbers of the offices.


The address location type.


Company Notes tab

Use this tab to add comments and notes about the company and its contacts.


Click to open the Add Comment dialog box to add a comment about the company, which you can relate to a project.


Click to open the Modify Comment dialog box to edit a comment.


Click to delete the selected comment.


The date and time the comments were entered.


The author of the comments.


The comments.

Related To

The project the comments are related to, if any.


Enter any additional notes about the company in this section.


Project Assignments tab

This tab lists all of the projects on which any of the company's contacts are project  team members.

For a description of the columns, refer to the My Project Center activity center topic.


Change Log tab

This tab lists any changes made to this company's data.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:


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