Add Revisions from Files dialog box

Use this dialog box to add multiple drawing revisions to multiple record documents at one time.


This section lists the files that have been revised that you can add to a record document. Select the revised file and drag it to the record document that you want to add the revised file to in the bottom section. You can remove a file from the list by selecting it and clicking Remove.

Add Files

Click to open the Add Files dialog box to locate files to add to record documents.

Add Folder

Click to open the Select Folder dialog box to locate a folder to add its contents to record documents.


Click to remove the selected files.


The name of the revised file.


The file's type.


The file's current status.

        Linked indicates that the original version of the file has already been added to a record document, but the revised version has not been added yet.

        Unlinked indicates the file has not been added to any record document.


The full path to the file.


Record Documents

This section contains the record documents listed in the Document Control activity center. Drag Unlinked files from the Files section above one at a time onto record documents that are missing revised files.

Auto Link

Click to automatically link Unlinked files to record documents, where the exact record document number appears in the filename. For example, record document number A203 will be matched with the file A203_First Floor Plan.pdf. For record documents that are not matched, refer to  the Advanced Linking dialog box topic.

Advanced Linking

Click to open the Advanced Linking dialog box to use advanced techniques to locate and link the correct file to a record document.

Files that were already linked to record documents prior to accessing this dialog box will not be used in advanced linking.

Remove Links

Click to break the link between the selected record document and its new revision file. The file will be moved back to the Files section.


Click to create a new record document from the selected Unlinked file in the Files section. The unlinked file will be removed from the Files section.


Click to remove the selected record document from the list of record documents and the import process. It is not removed from the activity center.


The number of the record document.


The title of the record document.


The action that will be taken when the file revisions are imported.

None indicates no action will be taken.

Add New Revision indicates a new revision will be added to the record document.

Add New Record Document indicates a new record document will be added to the activity center.

Update Last Revision indicates that the last revision of the record document has no associated file and will be updated with the selected file. A new revision is not created.

New Revision File Status

The status of the new revision file.

Added indicates that the file is new and a new record document will be created for it.

Changed indicates that the file has been modified since it was added to the record document.

Missing indicates that the revision has no associated file.

Multiple Files Found indicates that multiple files match the record document. To select the correct one, click Advanced Linking.

Unchanged indicates that the file has not been modified since it was added to the record document.

New Revision

The new revision number.

New Revision Date

The new revision date.

New File

The full path to the new file revision.

Existing Revision

The current revision number.

Existing File

The full path to the existing file revision.


Record Document Properties

If you are working with an existing record document, it may not all fields will be available for editing.


The number of the record document.

Revision Prefix

Enter the characters to add before the latest revision.

New Revision Date

Select the date the revisions were made to the selected record documents. By default, the last modified date of the selected file is used.


Enter the title of the selected record document.

Revision Suffix

Enter the characters to add after the record document number.

New Revision Number

Enter a new number to assign to the selected revision.

New Revision Description

Enter the new description of the selected revision.


To access this dialog box

Click Add Revisions from Files from the Tasks panel of the Document Control activity center.


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