Select Files to Forward for Review dialog box

This dialog box contains all files associated with the contract management item you are forwarding. The files that appear are either associated with actions in the Change Log tab, the Supporting Documents tab, or the Received Files tab. Use this dialog box to select the files you want to forward. Any supporting documents included in any related project items are included in the list.

Any email message (.MSG) files from the item will not appear in the list, since they would then be sent twice. If you need information from an email message to send with the item, copy it to a file and add it as a supporting document.

Do You Want to Electronically Forward Any of the Content?

  • Choose No, Do Not Forward Any Content to forward the item without including the files.

  • Choose Yes, Forward the Following Files Via: to include the files when forwarding the item, then choose the transfer method from the drop-down list. Mark the checkboxes of the files you want to forward with the item. The files will appear in the item's Associated Files tab.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box by selecting Forward for Review from the Tasks panel or Next Action drop-down list of various contract management items throughout Project Center.


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