Receive Pending Transfer dialog box

Use this dialog box to transfer incoming files from your Info Exchange Server to the current project so that the files can be accessed by internal project team members.

A Record Copy (Zip File Format) will be Saved in the Following Project Folder

Enter the full path to the folder in which you want to save a record copy of the files in a .ZIP file. Click the icon to locate the folder.

Receive Options for this Transfer

  • Choose Transfer in the Background and Notify Me When It Completes to have the Project Center Server copy the transfer from the Info Exchange Server to the project folder in the specified directory. This option is beneficial if the transfer is large and could take a long time.

  • Choose Transfer Right Now Using this Project Center Client to have your Project Center client perform the transfer immediately.

Next Action

Choose the next action to take on the file transfer from the drop-down list.

Just Acknowledge the Transfer

Choose this option to simply add the received event to the item and remove it from the list of open items. Nothing else will happen after the transfer is downloaded. No notifications will be sent.

Extract Transferred Files to a Project Folder

Choose this option to open the Select Destination Folder dialog box to extract the files from the .ZIP file and select the project folder to transfer the files to.

Record Transfer as a ...

Choose this option to transfer the files from Info Exchange to the current project and open the File as dialog box to choose the type of item to file the transfer as.


Click to receive the file transfer. The file transfer's type changes from Pending Incoming Transfer to Received Item (where item is the type of item it was filed as)


To access this dialog box

Click Receive Pending File Transfer from the Tasks panel of the Info Exchange activity center for a Pending Incoming Transfer file transfer.

The Automatically Download Incoming Transfers checkbox on the Info Exchange tab of the Edit Project Settings dialog box must be cleared for this dialog box to appear.



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