Modify Change Order dialog box

Use this dialog box to edit a change order.


Enter the subject of the change order.


The ID number for the change order. You can edit it.

Contract Information


Click to open the Choose Contract dialog box to select the contract the change order is associated with.

To Company

Click to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to select the contact to whom the change order is being sent.

From Company

Click to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to select the contact who is creating the change order.

Contract Type

Displays the contract type of the contract selected in the Contract field.


Click to open the Choose Discipline dialog box to apply disciplines to the change order.


Change Order Dates

Due Date

The date by which the contact who received the change order needs to complete it.


Mark the checkbox to add this item to the email notification message sent out by Project Center reminding you to respond back to the contact who sent the change order. Select the number of business days before a response is due, which appears in the email message and in the Open Items tab of the My Project Center activity center.

Reminders can be sent to both internal and external project team members. The frequency at which reminders are sent is set in the General tab of the Project Center Administration activity center Servers tab. Reminders can disabled per project in the Edit Project Settings dialog box.

Remind is not available if the option is disabled for the project or in the Project Center Administration activity center.

Change Order Date

The date the change order was issued.

Date Executed

To enter the date the change order is signed off on and agreed to, mark the checkbox, then select a date.


Initiated By

Click to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to select the contact who requested or authorized the document change.


Click to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to select the contact who was responsible for the change resulting in the change order.


The status of the change order.

Executed Change Order

A scanned copy of the scanned, fully signed executed change order. Click the button to browse to and select the file.


Click to open the Choose Reasons dialog box to select reasons for the change order.

Form Template

Select the form template to use as the basis for the Change Order form and the PDF file that is created when the change order is finalized.

Schedule of Values tab/Scope tab/Contract Docs tab/Preview tab/Description of Contents tab/Email Log tab/Supporting Documents tab/Related Items tab/Change Log tab

Refer to the Change Orders activity center for a description of these tabs.


File Summary tab

This tab contains any electronic files that were included with the change order. Select a file to display file tasks you can perform, including opening, comparing, sending, and publishing the file. These files are stored in a compressed .ZIP file that is referenced by the change order. Each column in this tab is described here.


The name of the file.

If the file is an email message, Project Center creates the file name with the date, a system generated ID, and the subject of the email.


The workflow step (Forwarded, Review Response, etc.) for the file.


The file's size.

Date Modified

The date the file was last modified.

ZIP Folder

The full path to the location of the .ZIP file.

Related Items

Any Project center items related to the file.

Review Order

Click to open the Set Review Order dialog box to set the order in which the project team members review the change order.


Click to open the Choose Keywords dialog box to apply keywords to the change order.

Click to spell check the fields in this window. If any mistakes are found, the Spelling Check dialog box opens with spelling suggestions.

Next Action

Mark this checkbox to choose whether to forward the change order to another contact, record a reviewer response, close it, to respond to the sender, send it, or send it to another contact and close it after it is filed.


Click to save the changes to the change order.


To access this dialog box

Select a change order, then click Modify from the Tasks panel of the Change Orders activity center.


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