Project Activity History dialog box

Use this dialog box to display the history of the selected projects in a chart. The legend is in the middle of the chart, and you can select which items to display in the chart by marking the checkboxes in the Show section (such as action items, RFIs, etc.), located on the right side.

Select the chart settings from the three drop-down lists in the Show section.:

  • Bar is the default chart type. You can select several other types to suit your needs.

  • Month is the default time interval shown. You can also display the chart in weekly intervals.

  • You can select the date range to display from the bottom drop-down list.

You can resize the chart in this dialog box by clicking and dragging the lower right corner of the dialog box.


To access this dialog box

Click View in Window (then choose which projects to include in the chart from the drop-down list) from the Activity Chart tab of the My Project Center activity center.


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