Remove Contract Management Item Tasks dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure which tasks appear in the selected contract management item activity center for all users of the selected project. Mark the checkboxes of the tasks you want to remove from the selected activity center, and then click OK.

Knowledge of the workflow should be considered before removing a task. Removing tasks that are steps in the workflow of an activity center will affect the ability for other tasks in that workflow to be performed. For example if the Record Reviewer Response task is removed, then any items that are forwarded for review will not be able to have a response recorded. If you remove the Create <Item> task, the Create Similar <Item> task and Create Related option will not be available. The ability to Send an <Item> or Send a Response on Info Exchange will be removed if the Receive Pending <Item> or Receive Pending Reviewer Response tasks are removed, respectively.


To access this dialog box

Select an activity center, then click Remove Tasks from the Activity Center Setup tab of the Edit Project Settings dialog box or the Create a New Project dialog box.


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