Change Application Associations for Drawing Files

Perform the following steps to configure which applications run when you open .DWG, .DWF, .DGN, .DXF, .EML, .PDF, or .PLT files from Project Center. For example, if you want .PDF files to open in Acrobat instead of Project Center, perform the following steps:

To change application associations for drawing files

1.     Click the button from the Toolbar, then select File Associations to open the Change File Associations dialog box, as shown here:

2.     The Files With column contains the file types that you can set to open in another application. Click the corresponding drop-down list located under the Open with column for the file type that you want to open in another application and select the application to run, or click the button to open the Choose a Program dialog box to search for a different application to associate with the file type.

3.     Click OK. The file type you configured will open in the selected application from now on.


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