Configure the Global Email Tag Override Keyword List

If you've changed the name of an activity center, it's likely that you will want any emails sent as part of the workflow for that activity center (such as forward for review) to reflect that change. The Global Email Tag Override list allows you to set the preferred tag to use in the email subject line when referencing the renamed activity center. The change is also reflected when filing emails from the legacy Outlook Add-in.

Note that the Global Email Tag Override list is applied across all projects. You cannot assign different values per project.


To configure the Global Email Tag Override keyword list

1.     Open the Project Center Administration activity center and select the Keywords tab.

2.     Select the Global EMail Tag Override List and click Modify.

3.     In the Project Keyword List dialog box, click Add.

4.     In the Add Project Keyword dialog box, enter the original name of the activity center for which you want to create a new tag in the Name field.

The Name must appear exactly as it does in the following list, including capitalization.

The available activity centers are:

















5.     In the Description field, enter the tag you want to be used in email subject lines for the activity center. Click OK.

6.     Click OK in the Project Keyword List dialog box, then click Save Changes on the Keywords tab.

7.     Restart Project Center.

8.     Restart Outlook.

9.     The email subject is updated with the new email tag:

10.  If a workflow email is selected, the File In and Send and File in icons in the legacy Outlook Center Add-in update to use the description from the keyword list:


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