Delete Transmittals

Perform the following steps to delete a transmittal from Project Center.

You must be a Project Center administrator to delete transmittals.

To delete transmittals

1.     If you are not already there, open the Project Transmittals activity center (shown below) by clicking Transmittals from the Activities list or from the Project Home activity center.

2.     Select the transmittal you want to delete.

3.     Click Delete from the Tasks panel, then click Yes when the message appears to confirm the deletion, as shown here:


You cannot delete a transmittal associated with contract management items from the Project Transmittals activity center. To delete a transmittal that is associated with a contract management item, you must open the associated item in the contract management item's activity center, expand its action list, and undo the corresponding transmittal action.

Transmittals associated with contract management items will have the item listed as a related item in the transmittal's Related Items tab. Select the related item and click the Select in Log task (from the Related Items Tasks panel) to go to the associated contract management item. Next, expand the action list and select the action, then click Undo Action from the Tasks panel. When you delete the action, its transmittal is automatically deleted.

If a transmittal you are deleting from Project Center has also been sent to Info Exchange, you will be prompted to delete the associated record copy. If you click Yes, the associated file transfer and its contents will be deleted from the Info Exchange Server. If you click No, the file transfer will remain on the Info Exchange Server and a historical record of it will still be visible in the Info Exchange activity center in Project Center.

If the transmittal you are deleting has files associated with it, you will be prompted to delete the record copy .ZIP file once it is no longer referenced by a transmittal, contract management item, or file transfer.
For example, if you receive a file transfer and record a transmittal for it, you will have two references to the .ZIP file (one from the file transfer and one from the transmittal). If you delete the file transfer, the transmittal will still reference the .ZIP file. If you delete the transmittal, you will be prompted to delete the .ZIP file.

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