Expire a File Transfer on Info Exchange

This topic explains how a Project Center user can expire a file transfer that was posted on Info Exchange. Normally, file transfers on Info Exchange expire automatically after a period of time that is set when they are sent from Project Center. Using Project Center, internal Project Center users can manually expire a file transfer posted on Info Exchange.

To expire transfers, Project Center users must complete the action from within Project Center. You cannot expire transfers directly from the Info Exchange website.

To expire an Info Exchange file transfer

1.     Open Project Center, then open the project that corresponds to the one you are using on Info Exchange.

2.     Open the Info Exchange activity center by clicking Info Exchange from the Activities drop-down list.

3.     Select the file transfer that you want to expire from Info Exchange.

4.     Click Remove from Info Exchange from the Tasks panel.

5.     Click Yes from the confirmation message that appears.

When a file transfer expires, its files are removed from the Info Exchange Server, but the log of the file transfer remains on Info Exchange.


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