File a Confidential Contract Management Item or File Transfer

You can set access restrictions on folders used by a Project Center project to prevent users from seeing and/or writing to the files or file transfers that are saved to those folders. You can set access restrictions to the project folders from the Project Files activity center, then change the location of where the record copies of contract management items and file transfers are saved to save them to the restricted folder, preventing users without access from seeing and/or writing to the files.

To set access restrictions to project folders for storing files

This process should only be done by a network administrator.

1.     If you are not already there, open the Project Files activity center by clicking Project Files from the Project Home activity center or from the Activities list.

2.     Locate and select the project folder for which you want to set access restrictions.

3.     Click Properties from the Tasks panel to open the Properties dialog box.

4.     Click the Security tab and set the desired access permissions for the project folder.

5.     Click OK when finished to save the changes.


To save contract management and file transfer record copies to the confidential folder

This procedure is applicable to various contract management dialog boxes.

1.     Enter the information as required in whichever contract management dialog box you are using.

2.     If any files were included, or to include files, add them by clicking the Associated/Received Files tab, then clicking Add Files. Navigate through the folders until you locate the files, then click Open. Repeat as necessary until you have added all the necessary files.

3.     The Save Record Copy in field contains a default location in which a record copy of the files or file transfer will be saved. Change the location to the confidential folder configured in the first procedure above by clicking the icon.

4.     Fill in any other required information.

5.     Click the appropriate action button at the bottom (the button that appears depends on the dialog box you are using) to complete the process.


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