File an Incoming Transmittal from a Microsoft Outlook Email Message

As you deal with other companies in daily business, some of them may not have Project Center or Newforma Info Exchange. When they send you a transmittal, they may send it in an email message. After you receive the transmittal in your Microsoft Outlook account, you can drag and drop the email message into Project Transmittals activity center to create a new incoming transmittal.

To file a new transmittal from an email message

1.     If you are not already there, open the Project Transmittals activity center by clicking Transmittals from the Project Home activity center or from the Activities list.

2.     From Microsoft Outlook, select the email message from which you want to file the transmittal.

3.     Drag and drop the email message from Microsoft Outlook into the Transmittals log of the Project Transmittals activity center (it doesn't matter whether it's the All Sent or All Received log).

4.     From the File a Transmittal dialog box, choose the Incoming Transmittal option, then click OK to open the Log an Incoming Transmittal dialog box, as shown here:

5.     Project Center enters the information from the email message in the To, From, and Subject fields, and enters the body of the email message in the Remarks tab. Any attached files are added to the Associated Files tab and the Description of Contents tab.

6.     Enter a description of the contents of the transmittal in the Description of Contents tab.

7.     The Save Record Copy in field (in the Associated Files tab) contains a default location in which a record copy of the incoming transmittal file is saved. You can change the location by clicking the  icon.

8.     Click Log Transmittal. If any internal project team members are subscribed to the contact who sent the transmittal, the Incoming Transmittal Notification dialog box opens so you can select the members to notify about this transmittal. Select the internal project team members that you want to send a notification to regarding this transmittal, then click OK. If you do not want to send a notification to anyone, click Skip Notification.

To subscribe to external team members and groups that you want to receive an email notification from when they transfer files or contract management items to your Info Exchange Server, see the Subscribe to External Communication dialog box.

9.     When the transmittal is created, a copy of it is saved in the designated folder, and it is added to the All Received log of the Project Transmittals activity center.


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