Process Contract Management Items

How you process a contract management item in Project Center depends on what the item is (submittal, RFI, construction change directive, etc.), and what your role is (Lead Design Consultant, Contractor, Design Subconsultant, or Subcontractor). See the Contract Management Overview topic for more information on determining if you are entering items as an initiator or a reviewer.

When you initiate items in Project Center, you are:

        Creating the entry in the activity center.

        Optionally forwarding it for review input.

        Optionally recording the input from the review.

        Sending it to the affected team members.

When you are logging items that you are responsible for reviewing, you are:

        Logging that the item was received

        Optionally sending it others for review input

        Optionally recording the input from the review

        Responding to the sender of the information with your input

No matter how you process them in Project Center, all contract management items have an element of tracking and reporting that is critical to keep the contract management process on track.


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