Restore an Email Message Filed to the Wrong Project and Re-File It

Perform the following steps to restore a Microsoft Outlook email message that was filed to the wrong Project Center project, and then re-file it to another project.

This procedure is necessary only if you set email messages to be deleted after they are filed from Outlook to Project Center; otherwise the original messages will remain in Outlook and can simply be re-filed. You can set the filing options in the Edit Email Filing Options dialog box.

To restore an email message and re-file it

1.     Open the project the email message was incorrectly filed to.

2.     Open the Project Email activity center (shown below) by clicking Project Email from the Project Home activity center or from the Activities list.

3.     Locate the incorrectly filed email message, as shown here, then drag and drop it back into Outlook.

4.     Delete the selected email message from the incorrect project by clicking Explorer Tasks > Manage Files > Delete from the Tasks panel. Click Yes when the Confirm File Delete message appears.

5.     Re-file the email message to the correct project.



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