Send Information from a Contract Management Item to Another Project Team Member

There may be times when you need to send information about a completed contract management item to other project team members. For example, after you complete a contract management item, a subcontractor may require the information. Perform the following steps to send the information and track it as part of the contract management item workflow.

The steps in the following example are based on a submittal. You can also perform this procedure for other contract management items using the corresponding activity centers.

To send information about a contract management item to another project team member

1.     If you are not already there, open the relevant contract management activity center from the Project Home activity center or from the Activities list (in this example, the Submittals activity center).

2.     Select the item from the list, then click the Related Items tab. Click Create Related > Transmittal and select the transfer method (Via Info Exchange in this example):

3.     In the Transfer Project Item Content dialog box, select the files you would like to send and click OK:

4.     Complete the Transfer Files and Create an Outgoing Transmittal dialog box by adding the name of the project team members to send the information to, change the Purpose field to For your use, and enter any comments in the Remarks tab:

5.     On the Options tab, edit the settings for the file transfer, including who can access it, expiration date and reminder settings, and download options.

6.     Click Create and Transfer when finished.

7.     The new transmittal is added as a related item to the original item:



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