Synchronize Clashes using the Navisworks Add-in

The Navisworks add-in allows for bi-directional syncing of clash information between Navisworks and Project Center action items. This process differs from importing action items from Navisworks clash reports, which only allows users to import information from Navisworks to Project Center.

You must enable Navisworks Manage in Project Center before you can use the add-in.

To synchronize clashes using the Navisworks Add-in

1.     In Navisworks Manage, click Newforma in the toolbar. Click Connect.

2.     In the Select Project dialog box, select the project you want to connect to and click OK.

3.     Run the Clash Detective to generate a list of clashes.

4.     Click Sync in the Newforma toolbar.

5.     In the Synchronize Clashes with Newforma Project Center dialog box, set the Mapping Behavior:

6.     Select the checkbox for any clashes you want to sync with Project Center action items.

        If this is a new clash, and you are syncing from Navisworks to Newforma, an action item will be created.

        If an action item already exists for the clash, it will be updated.

7.     Click OK to perform the sync.

Note that if you are syncing from Newforma to Navisworks, discussion data from the action item will not be synced.



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