Undo a Contract Management Action

When tracking contract management items in Project Center, you can undo an action if it no longer meets your requirements. For example, if a contract management item was approved, you can unapprove it by removing the corresponding action. Perform the following steps to undo a contract management item action.

The following steps will use unapproving an approved submittal as an example, but you can undo most actions.

To undo a contract management item action

1.     If you are not already there, open the relevant contract management activity center from the Project Home activity center or from the Activities list. (For this example, it will be the Submittals activity center, so you would select Submittals).

2.     For this example, select the submittal you are unapproving from the Approved category (shown below).

Do not double-click the submittal, as that will open the Modify Submittal dialog box.

3.     Expand the contract management item's actions by clicking the icon to view them, as shown below.

4.     Select the Approved or Approved as Noted action (under the Action column), as shown here:

5.     Click Undo Action from the Tasks panel. Click Yes when the confirmation message appears.

6.     Project Center removes the action and places the contract management item back in the Under Review category (and Overdue category if applicable).


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