Use Bluebeam to Review Submittals as a Single Reviewer

If you receive a submittal with PDFs, you can make your markups using Bluebeam Studio directly from Project Center. Project Center creates a session and syncs the documents to review. When you are finished with your markups, the system syncs the markups back to Project Center. Use this process when you receive a submittal and need to review it yourself.

You can also invite multiple reviewers to review the submittal using Bluebeam. Please see Use Bluebeam to Review Submittals for details.

Bluebeam must be enabled for the project and enabled for you as a user to see the options described below. If you do not see the options, please contact your Project Administrator to have Bluebeam enabled. See Enable Bluebeam Studio Prime Connector for details.

To mark up submittals using Bluebeam as a single reviewer

1.     When you are ready, log the incoming submittal as you normally would.

2.     Select Markup in Bluebeam Studio Session as the next action and click OK:

3.     Project Center creates the Bluebeam Studio session with the selected files and opens Bluebeam. The Bluebeam session appears on the Related Items tab.

The Forward for Review and Record Reviewer Response items are automatically created tracking that you did the markup and response.

4.     Markup the files in Bluebeam as needed.

5.     When you are finished with markups, select Respond and Close from the Tasks list.

6.     Select the marked up files in the Select Files to Send dialog box and click OK. Project Center finalizes the Bluebeam session.

7.     Complete your response in the Respond to Submittal and Close dialog box as needed.

When you select Respond to Submittal and Close, Project Center pulls down the documents from Bluebeam into the submittal.


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