Newforma App Quick Reference Guide

This topic provides a reference for the Newforma Web app.

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The Newforma Web App is a project website that facilitates  the access of project files, including search, share, download and upload, filing of project emails and creating and editing action items. The Newforma app does not require VPN access and can be used through a web browser or the Newforma Mobile app.

Tasks covered

        Logging into the Newforma App

        Searching Project Files

        Downloading files

        Uploading files

        Sharing files from the Newforma App

        Creating folders in Project Files

        Creating and editing Action Items

        Filing emails to a project

        Using the Newforma Mobile app

Using the Newforma App

You can access the Newforma App in the following ways:

        Newforma web app:

        Newforma mobile app, downloaded from Google Play store or iTunes

To log into the Newforma App

Log in with your Office 365 credentials:

To search project files

Once you have completed your initial login, yo can search Project Files.

1.     Click the project you want to search:

2.     Enter your search term and press Enter. The search results appear on the left of the page. Click the Filter dropdown at the top-right of the search results to narrow the results by file type:

3.     Highlight a result to view item details in the right panel. Depending on your permissions, you may have the option to download or delete the item. A hyperlink takes you to the folder that contains the file:

4.     Click on a folder to "drill down" into the folder structure:

To work with folders and files

Click on the ellipsis to the right of a folder to access Share, Download, Rename and Delete options. You can also create a new folder and upload files to the folder:

Following is a description of each of the options.

Share a folder with External Users

1.     Click Share to share a file or folder with external users:

2.     Type a name in the Share With field. A list of matching names and groups from the Project Team appears. You can also enter an email address directly.

3.     Set share permissions from the Permission dropdown list. Options are Read Only, Read and Upload or Full Access.

4.     Enter any remarks you want included with the share notification in the Remarks field.

5.     Click Share to share the file or folder. The share notification email is sent to all selected users:

6.     Select a folder to view Share activity in the Details panel on the right side of the page.

        To change share permissions, click the Shared tab in the panel. Click the permissions dropdown for the user you want to change and select the new permission:

        To revoke the share, click the Revoke button for the user.

Download folder contents

Click Download next to a folder to download its entire contents. Click Download for an individual file to only download that file:

Rename a folder

Click Rename to change the name of a file or folder:

Delete a folder

Delete a file or folder. You are asked to verify the deletion before continuing:

Create a folder

Click Create Folder to add a new subfolder underneath the current folder:

Upload files to a folder

Click Upload to upload files to the current folder. You can select multiple files to upload at one time.

You can also drag and drop files to a Newforma app folder.

To create and edit Action Items

You can use the Newforma app to create and edit action items that are assigned to you or by you that are not in a completed state.

1.     Click Action Items in the top menu bar to view the Action Items page:

2.     Click Filters in the upper-left corner of the Action Items list to further narrow the results:

Filter options include:

        Assigned to Me

        Assigned by Me



3.     Select an action item in the list to view its details in the Details panel. Click the pencil icon at the top of the panel to edit the action item. Click the checkmark icon to mark the action item and Closed and remove it from your list:

4.     When you click the pencil icon, the Edit Action Item dialog box appears. In addition to changing attributes, you can attach files to the action item. Click Add From Project to select project files, or add files from your device by clicking Choose Files or dragging and dropping the files to the action item:

To file emails to a project

In addition to project files and action items, the Newforma app also allows you to file emails to projects while on the go.

1.     Click File Emails in the top menu bar. Emails currently in your Inbox appear:

2.     Highlight an email and click File in Project:

3.     Select the desired project form the list. Once the email is filed, a checkmark appears next to the email. The email remains in your Inbox and a copy is filed to the project. In Outlook, the email is tagged with the Filed By Newforma category:

Using the Newforma Mobile App

In addition to the Newforma web app, you can download the Newforma mobile app for iOS and Android. To get started, log in with your Office 365 credentials.

Once you login, the Projects screen appears:

Tap the hamburger icon in the upper-left to file emails and access action items:

To work with folders and files

The same search and filter otpions are available as on the website. Tap Filter in the upper-right of the screen to access the filters:

Tap on a file to view its details. Tap on the ellipsis at the top of the File Details screen to view, export, share, rename or delete the file:

Tap the ellipsis to the right of a folder to access the Share and Rename options:

Tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner to access the Create Folder and Upload options:

To create and edit Action Items

1.     Tap the hamburger button on the projects screen and tap Action Items:

2.     As with the Newforma web app, you can apply filters to the list of action items. Tap the plus sign at the top of the screen to create an action item:

3.     Enter any values as needed and tap Save in the top-right corner:

4.     To edit an action item, tap it in the list, then tap Edit in the top-right corner. In addition to changing the action item name, you can modify the Due Date, Description, and Assignment. You can also mark the action item as closed:

To file emails to a project

1.     Tap the hamburger button on the Projects screen and tap File Email.

2.     As with the Newforma web app, emails in your Inbox appear. If the email has already been filed to a project, it will have a green checkmark next to it:

3.     To file an email, swipe left and tap File:

4.     Tap the desired project in the list:

5.     Once the email is filed, a checkmark appears next to the email. The email remains in your Inbox and a copy is filed to the project. Indicators also appear in the Newforma web app and Outlook:


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