What Are the Benefits of Using Contract Management?

Using Project Center to manage contract management (CM) items, you can ensure:

        Centralized, logical, and uniform tracking of project processes:

        All project team members know where to find CM information;

        All projects follow company standards and procedures;

        Once you have mastered tracking one CM item type, you can easily and consistently track and report on all CM items.

        Automated tracking of all workflow steps:

        Each time a step is executed using the lightweight workflow features in Project Center, the information is tracked in the activity center log;

        No need to enter and track information in spreadsheets.

        Integration with all Project Center features:

        Generate CM items from email messages and file all email discussions into the CM item;

        Use meeting minutes to help track and facilitate the CM process;

        Use Info Exchange for transferring files associated with CM items.

        All recorded CM items are tracked with the project record and are searchable even after the project has been archived.


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