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This index is an alphabetical listing of all available Project Center video tutorials. For a listing of videos by category, please see the Learning page.

        Action Items Reporting (Duration 4m:05s)

        Adding Projects to My Projects (Duration 5m:39s)

        Adding Record Documents and Packages (Duration 6m:23s)

        Adding Revisions from Files + Reporting (Duration 6m:15s)

        Associating Email with Another Newforma Item (Duration 3m:36s)

        Capture App: Capture Action Items (Duration 5m:07s)

        Capture App: Capture Field Notes (Duration 5m:20s)

        Capture App: Capture Punch List Items (Duration 5m:30s)

        Changing View Preferences (Duration 3m:18s)

        Complete Meeting and Add Minutes (Duration 3m:07s)

        Create/Edit Action Items (Duration 4m:47s)

        Create, Edit, and Distribute Documents (Duration 4m:04s)

        Create Initial Site Visit Report (Duration 5m:56s)

        Create Meetings from Outlook (Duration 4m:58s)

        Create Next Site Visit Report in Series (Duration 3m:05s)

        Create Site Visit Report from Info Exchange (Duration 5m:26s)

        Creating a Project (Duration 5m:08s)

        Creating a Project Template (Duration 7m:51s)

        Demystifying Newforma Indexing Part 1: History, Definitions and Architecture (Duration 11m:32s)

        Demystifying Newforma Indexing Part 2: Index Lifecycle (Duration 41m:34s)

        Demystifying Newforma Indexing Part 3: Troubleshooting (Duration 12m:09s)

        Demystifying Newforma Indexing Part 4: Guided Tour (Duration 15m:41s)

        External User: Action Items (Duration 5m:05s)

        External User: Log in and Send a File Transfer (Duration 4m:45s)

        External User: Receive a File Transfer (Duration 3m:26s)

        External User: Record Reviewer RFI Response (Duration 10m:59s)

        External User: Record Reviewer Submittal Response (Duration 12m:42s)

        External User: Respond to Submittal/RFI (Duration 4m:06s)

        External User: Send RFI from Info Exchange (Duration 7m:52s)

        External User: Send Submittal from Info Exchange (Duration 12m:12s)

        External User: Send Submittal/RFI (Duration 4m:06s)

        Filing Email from Outlook (Duration 5m:26s)

        Filing Email to Another Project (Duration 4m:00s)

        Forward RFI for Review (Duration 7m:37s)

        Forward Submittal for Review (Duration 9m:50s)

        Global Administration - Keywords (Duration 9m:39s)

        Global Administration - Licensing (Duration 10m:21s)

        Global Administration - Security - Permission Sets (Duration 9m:49s)

        How to Create Shared Folders (Duration 5m:54s)

        Importing and Receiving Expected Submittals (Duration 12m:06s)

        Info Exchange: Add/View/Edit Action Items (Duration 3m:59s)

        Info Exchange: Basic Markups (Duration 5m:24s)

        Info Exchange: Collaborating on Markups (Duration 4m:48s)

        Info Exchange: Document Sets (Duration 5m:09s)

        Info Exchange: Saving Markups  (Duration 4m:07s)

        Issuing Record Documents and Packages (Duration 5m:48s)

        Manage Recurring Meetings (Duration 4m:42s)

        Managing Markup Sessions (Duration 4m:22s)

        Managing Project Settings (Duration 6m:06s)

        Managing the Project Team (Duration 4m:51s)

        Markup Tools - Part One (Basics) (Duration 9m:28s)

        Markup Tools - Part Two (Advanced) (Duration 10m:14s)

        Markup Tools - Save Markups, Send Email, and Create/Send PDFs (Duration 7m:58s)

        Plans App: Locate and Manage Action Items (Duration 4m:33s)

        Plans App: Locate and Manage Field Notes (Duration 4m:00s)

        Plans App: Locate and Manage Punch List Items (Duration 4m:54s)

        Project Files and Searching (Duration 5m:11s)

        Project Information Link: Installing the Newforma Revit Plugin (Duration 1m:09s)

        Project Information Link: Managing Sheet Information/Revisions (Duration 27m:24s)

        Project Information Link: Managing Spaces (Duration 17m:43s)

        Project Information Link: Markup Sessions and Action Items (Duration 10m:29s)

        Project Information Link: PDF Printing (Duration 12m:05s)

        Project Information Link: Register a Revit Model (Duration 4m:03s)

        Project Information Link: Synchronizing Building Elements (Duration 5m:25s)

        Project Timeline - Calendar View (Duration 9m:46s)

        Project Timeline - Journal View (Duration 9m:23s)

        Project Timeline - Log View (Duration 9m:50s)

        Receive a Submittal from Outlook (Duration 4m:56s)

        Record Reviewer RFI Response (Duration 8m:31s)

        Record Reviewer RFI Response from Outlook (Duration 9m:32s)

        Record Reviewer Submittal Response (Duration 12m:29s)

        Record Reviewer Submittal Response from Outlook (Duration 6m:51s)

        Request a File Transfer from Outlook (Duration 1m:53s)

        Respond/Send and Close RFI (Duration 11.:25s)

        Respond/Send and Close Submittal (Duration 11m:37s)

        RFI Reporting (Duration 8m:08s)

        Searching and Viewing EDMS Files (Duration 4m:56s)

        Send a File Transfer (Duration 4m:44s)

        Send a Transfer from Windows Explorer (Duration 2m:50s)

        Sending a File Transfer Using the Info Exchange Activity Center (Duration 6m:07s)

        Sending and Receiving Personal Transfers (Duration 5m:09s)

        Setting Up a Newforma ID (Duration 3m:24s)

        Submittals Reporting (Duration 6m:51s)

        Tasks App: Manage Field Notes and Action Items (Duration 5m:16s)

        Tasks App: Manage Punch List Items (Duration 6m:01s)

        Using the Newforma Viewer (Duration 7m:20s)

        Using the Project Email Activity Center (Duration 5m:20s)

        Using the Project Images Activity Center (Duration 5m:20s)

        Using the Project Team App (Duration 4m:29s)

        Working with EDMS Files in the Project Files Activity Center (Duration 4m:59s)


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