Choose New Team Members from Global Contact List dialog box

Use this dialog box to add Project Center contacts to the project team. The contacts will appear in the Project Team activity center for the current project. Mark the checkboxes of the contacts you want to add to the project team, then click OK.

To mark several checkboxes at once, select all of the contacts you need by using the Shift or Ctrl keys, then press the Space bar to mark all of the highlighted checkboxes.

Category drop-down list

Choose whether to display All Contacts from the Project Center Server contacts database, Internal Contacts (Project Center users), or External Contacts (non-Project Center users).

Filter All Columns

You can filter by any text that appears in any of the columns. For example, if you know the name (or part of the name) of the contact that you are searching for (or the email address, or company), enter at least part of the text in this field. The list updates automatically as you type. For example, if the contact you are searching for has the letter m somewhere in one of the columns, enter m in this field. The list will be narrowed down to only contacts that have the letter m somewhere in one of the columns.


Right-click on any of the column headers for a list of all available columns that can be displayed. See the Project Team activity center topic for column descriptions.

Add New

Click to open the Add New Project Team Member dialog box to add a new contact to the project team. The contact is also automatically added to the Project Center contacts database, and will be listed in the Contacts tab of the Project Center Administration activity center.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:


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