Transfer Files Via Info Exchange and Record an Outgoing Transmittal

Perform the following steps to transfer files to your Newforma Info Exchange Server for internal and external project team members to download.

To transfer files and create a transmittal

1.     If you are not already there, open the Info Exchange activity center by clicking Info Exchange from the Project Home activity center or from the Activities list.

2.     Click New File Transfer from the Tasks panel to open the Transfer Files to Info Exchange dialog box, as shown here:

3.     Choose the Yes, Fill Out and Record a Project Transmittal option, then click OK to open the Transfer Files and Create an Outgoing Transmittal dialog box, as shown here:

If you do not want to create a transmittal, choose the No, Just Transfer the Files option then click OK to open the Transfer Files to a Newforma Info Exchange Server dialog box.

4.     Click To to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to choose the project team members you want to transfer the files to.

5.     Project Center enters the current user in the From field, and a number in the Transmittal ID field.  Info Exchange appears in the Send Via field. You can edit these fields.

6.     Enter a subject for the file transfer in the Subject field.

7.     Select the reason for the file transfer from the Purpose drop-down list.

8.     Enter a detailed message in the Remarks tab.

9.     In the Description of Contents tab, enter the quantity, date, and description of what is included in the file transfer. This information is used to fill in the Contents section of the Transmittal form.

10.  To add more files, click the Associated Files tab, then click the  icon to open the Add Files dialog box. Navigate through the folders until you locate the file, then click Open. Repeat as necessary until you have added all the necessary files.

        Choose an option from the External References drop-down list if you want to include externally referenced files in the file transfer.

        The Save Record Copy in field contains a default location in which a record copy of the file transfer will be saved. You can change the location by clicking the icon.

11.  Click Create and Transfer to open the Transfer to Info Exchange Options dialog box to set access rights and reminders for the file transfer, and then transfer the files to your Info Exchange Server and create a transmittal. The file transfer will appear in the All Outgoing log of the Info Exchange activity center and will be accessible through the Info Exchange website, and the transmittal will appear in the All Sent log of the Project Transmittals activity center.

You can click Save a Draft to create the file transfer without sending it. The transmittal will appear in the All Drafts log of the Project Transmittals activity center, but will not be accessible through the web until it is sent.

Expiration dates on file transfers uploaded to Info Exchange are not set until the record copy is created in a project folder, which occurs either when the recipient manually receives the transfers in Project Center or when the Project Center Server automatically downloads the file transfers (if the automatic download option is enabled).


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