Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Client Install Configuration dialog box

Use this dialog box to enable and configure automatic updating for Project Center clients across your network when there are newer versions available.

Enable Automatic Client Updates

Mark this checkbox to enable automatic Project Center client updating across the network.

Client Install Locations

Enter the full paths to the Project Center client installers. The folders must be in a network location accessible to all Project Center users.

32-bit Client

Enter the full path to the location of the client installer for 32-bit Windows clients.

64-bit Client

Enter the full path to the location of the client installer for 64-bit Windows clients.

Force Client Update. Don't Allow Older Versions of the Client to Run.

Mark this checkbox to force the clients to update when a new version is available.

Don't Enable Newforma Outlook Add-in

Mark this checkbox if you don't want to run the Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook when users open Outlook. It will still be updated.


If there are Project Center client image files already defined, put the files in the auto-update folder, then click this button to have Project Center re-scan and validate all Project Center client images. A confirmation message will open. Click Yes to perform the re-scan.

Admin Credentials

Admin Username/Password

Enter the administrator username and password to enable automatic installation for low-rights users. The username will attempt to validate using the default domain. You can specify explicit domains using Domain\Username syntax. A local machine username can be specified by .\Username.

1   If no administrator credentials are specified, the installer will run as the current user. This provides support for users that have administrative rights on their own machines.


To access this dialog box

Click Configure from the General tab of the Project Center Administration Activity Center Servers tab.