Project Center Tenth Edition Help  


Synchronize Rooms, Spaces, and Areas dialog box

Use this dialog box to synchronize Autodesk Revit rooms, spaces, and areas with Project Center spaces via Newforma Project Information Link.

1   Only spaces in the native file will be synchronized. Linked .RVT files are ignored.

Edit Settings

Click to open the Edit Spatial Index Extended Properties dialog box to map Revit rooms, spaces, and areas with Newforma spaces and configure synchronization.

Select the Properties to Synchronize

This section lists the parameters from Autodesk Revit that are mapped to the space properties from Project Center. Mark the checkboxes of the items you want to synchronize.

Revit Parameter

This field lists the Autodesk Revit parameters that are mapped to the space properties from Project Center.

Mapping Behavior

this column indicates which direction the synchronization will go when you click Synchronize.

        Revit -> Newforma indicates that the modified Revit parameter information will be imported into the Newforma property.

        Newforma --> Revit indicates that the modified Newforma property information will be exported to the Revit parameter.

        None indicates the items will not be imported or exported.

Newforma Property

This field lists the Project Center properties that will be synchronized with the mapped Revit  parameters.

Group Name

The name of the group the Newforma property belongs to.


        Built-in indicates built-in Newforma properties for spaces from Project Center.

        Extended indicates custom properties added for spaces in Project Center.

Select the Items to Synchronize

This section lists the rooms, spaces, and areas from Revit to be synchronized. Mark the checkboxes of the items you want to synchronize.

1   To select multiple items at once, use the Shift key to highlight them, then press the space bar to select them.


Click to make Revit zoom in on the selected item (the selected item must be highlighted - it doesn't matter if it's checked)

Change Link

Click to open the Set Associated Revit Enclosure dialog box to create a new Revit room for the selected Project Center space, or link the currently selected Project Center space to the Revit enclosure you select from the list. Only the selected (highlighted) item will be processed.

Assign Space Type

To assign a space type, select a Project Center space or Revit room, then select a space type by clicking the drop-down button next to it with the list of space types as shown here and click Assign Space Type.

Sync Action

        If a Revit enclosure and its associated Project Center space are both found, they will be listed as Synchronize.

        Spaces found in the Project Center project but not in the Revit model are listed as Create Unplaced Revit Room.

        Previously associated spaces that were deleted in Revit are listed as Delete Newforma Space.

        Enclosures found in the Revit model but not in the Project Center project are listed as Create Newforma Space. Only Revit objects with a value in the Number column can be synchronized.


This column indicates the Revit item's type.


This column lists the names of the Revit items.


This column lists the ID numbers of the Revit items.


This column lists the level (First Floor, for example) of the Revit item.

Newforma Space Type

This column lists the space type assigned to the space/room in Project Center.


Select in Revit

Click to select rooms in the Revit model to highlight them in the list of items in this dialog box.


Click Synchronize to process all of the selected items. Items created or modified in the Project Center project will be committed to the database. Changes in Revit will be applied to the current session, or you can choose to not save the changes.


To access this dialog box

Click Spatial Index, Synchronize Spaces from Newforma Project Information Link.