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Set Up the Newforma Model Viewer (VEO)

Project Center uses the Newforma Model Viewer Powered by VEO to view building information management models and linked views. This topic walks you through the entire installation and configuration process for Project Center users. To see additional setup required for other users, please refer to Newforma Model Viewer Setup and Workflow.

The Newforma Model Viewer is only available for Project Center 10.1 and higher.


The basic steps in the process are as follows:


Please note that this is a one-time process. However, there are a number of steps involved and it takes some time to complete.

Before you can download and install the Newforma Model Viewer, you will need to create a Newforma ID and have an Info Exchange account with the company whose project you wish to view. Your Newforma ID and your Info Exchange account work together to give you access to the models in the following manner:

        Newforma ID. You must have a Newforma ID in order to install and use the Newforma Model Viewer. The model and linked views accessed by Newforma Model Viewer are stored in the cloud, and your Newforma ID gives you the ability to access the cloud. It serves as a single login across all  Newforma products, apps, accounts, and project partner websites. See the Create a Newforma ID section below if you do not already have a Newforma ID.

        Info Exchange account. You must connect your Newforma ID to your Info Exchange account for the company whose project you wish to view. Doing so gives you access to the project when you log in with your Newforma ID. See Log into Info Exchange using Newforma ID below for more information.


The following steps of the process are covered:

        Create a Newforma ID

        Login using Newforma ID

        Search for companies to connect to

        Log into Info Exchange using Newforma ID

        Download the Newforma Model Viewer installer

        Install Newforma Model Viewer

        Log  into Newforma Model Viewer

        To access projects in Newforma Model Viewer

        Load projects in Newforma Model Viewer


To create a Newforma ID

The Newforma Model Viewer requires that you have a Newforma ID. Perform the following steps to create a Newforma ID.

If you already have a Newforma ID, skip to login using Newforma ID.

1.     In your browser, navigate to the website.

2.     From the Newforma ID tab, shown here, click Create Your Newforma ID.

3.     Enter your email address, and first and last name. After reviewing the terms and conditions, mark the I Agree to the Terms and Conditions checkbox, then click Sign Up For Free. A confirmation message displays to verify that an account was created and an email with your password information is sent to your email account.


To login using Newforma ID

Once you have your login information, you can log in using your Newforma ID.

1.     Click the link in the email that includes your login information to log in. If you already have a Newforma ID, go to and click Sign In to sign in using your existing credentials.

Passwords are case-sensitive.


To search for companies to connect to

Once you are logged in with Newforma ID, you can search for your company (or other companies) and their projects that you want to view on Info Exchange.

1.     In the Search for a Company section of the window, begin typing your company  in the Enter the Name of a Company field, as shown here:

2.     A list of companies matching your search criteria is displayed, as shown below. Select your company from the list.

If the company you are seeking is not shown in the search results, verify the name and spelling of the company and try again. If the company you are seeking still does not appear, contact your Newforma administrator.

3.     If this is the first time you are accessing your company's Newforma Info Exchange via Newforma ID, you will be required to enter your Info Exchange login. Click Continue to continue the process.


To log into Info Exchange using Newforma ID

Once you connect to your company, you are directed to its Info Exchange login page to connect your Newforma ID to your Info Exchange account..

1.     In the Sign in to Newforma Info Exchange dialog box, your Newforma ID login will already be present, as shown below:

2.     Enter your Info Exchange Username and Password for your company and click Sign In to continue.

You must have Info Exchange credentials for the selected company to continue. If your login is unsuccessful, use your browser's back button to return to and ensure that you have selected the correct company.  If your login is still unsuccessful, contact your Newforma administrator to verify you have permissions to view projects on Info Exchange.

 For internal project Center users connecting to their own company's Info Exchange site, the password is the same as their domain password. This password is stored only for the current session in the browser.

3.     Once you are connected, you will see your projects, as shown here, under Projects.  Click on the project you wish to view to access it in Info Exchange.

4.     You are now logged into Info Exchange with your Newforma ID. Navigate to your assigned project item (i.e., action item) to continue.

You can also navigate to the item in the Model Views Activity Center in Project Center.

Make sure you have signed out of any other Info Exchange sessions before continuing.


To download the Newforma Model Viewer installation

You must download and install the Newforma Model Viewer before you can view models in projects in Project Center.

Newforma Model Viewer is only available for Project Center 10.1 and higher. The installer download links below will not work if you are using an earlier release of Project Center.

1.     Click one of the following links to download the correct version of the Newforma Model Viewer installer .msi file for your system and save it to your computer:

        If you have a 64-bit system, select Newforma_VEO_Installer-x64.msi

        If you have a 32-bit system, select Newforma_VEO_Installer-x86.msi

To determine if your system is 64-bit or 32-bit, click the Windows Start button, then Control Panel, then System and Security. Under System click See the Name of this Computer. The System Type field will display 64-bit Operating System or 32-bit Operating System.

For Windows 8, press the Windows key to access the Start screen, then type Control Panel and select it from the options on the screen. Click the System Information icon to view the system type.

2.     Once the download is complete, you are ready to install Newforma Model Viewer on your machine.


To install Newforma Model Viewer

1.     Navigate to the location where you saved the Newforma Model Viewer installer .msi file.

2.     Double-click the icon for the Newforma Model Viewer installer you downloaded to launch the VEO Setup wizard, shown here:

3.     After reviewing the license agreement, select the I Accept the Terms in the License Agreement checkbox and click Install to install the viewer.

Depending on your system settings, you may receive a warning message asking if you want to allow the installation to run. Select Yes or Allow to continue the installation.

4.     Click Finish to close the wizard and complete the installation.


To log into Newforma Model Viewer

1.     In Project Center, select the project item you were working with before you installed the viewer. In the Tasks panel, click Related Model View > Show in Latest Model or Related Model View > Show Originating View in Model to launch the Newforma Model Viewer.

2.     In the VEO Login screen, shown here, your Newforma ID user name appears in the User field. The selected company's name appears in the Account field.

If the VEO Login screen does not appear on top of the Info Exchange window, click the  icon in the taskbar to bring it to the front.

Your company's security settings may require additional proxy configuration in order for you to access all the features of the Newforma Model Viewer. Click Advanced in the VEO Login screen to configure proxy settings as needed.

3.     Enter your Newforma ID password in the Password field and click Login to continue.


To access projects in Newforma Model Viewer

1.     The first time you log into the Newforma Model Viewer, the window will be empty, as shown here:

2.     Click File > Load Project to access the Load VEO Project dialog box, shown here:

3.     The Project Name column displays the projects to which you have been granted access. The current load status of the project appears in the Load Status column. If a project is in the process of downloading, a download progress bar appears in the Sync Status column. Projects must download before you can see them in the viewer.

After a project is downloaded the first time, only updates to the models need to be downloaded. If updates are available, they will be indicated to the right of each model and will be downloaded automatically in the background.

4.     Click Cancel to close the Load VEO Project dialog box. Once your project has finished downloading, the view you selected from your project item appears in the main viewer window.


To load projects in Newforma Model Viewer

When you view a model associated with a project item, the correct project and view open automatically. You can also select a different project to view from inside the model viewer if needed.

1.     In Newforma Model Viewer, click File > Load Project to access the Load VEO Project dialog box.

2.     The Project Name section of the dialog box displays the projects to which you have been granted access. Once projects are downloaded, they appear with green circles next to them, as shown here:

3.     Select the project you want to load and click OK. The project is loaded in the model viewer and the default master preset is displayed.



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