Batch Project Creation dialog box

Use this dialog box to define, modify, import, and create multiple projects at once.

Projects to Create

This section lists all of the projects you are working with. You can populate this list by adding projects one at a time by clicking the Add button, or by importing a list of projects with the Import button.

This list also shows the three statuses the projects can be in:

        Blank or no state – this is the initial state of the projects. They remain in this state until you try to create them. Once you try to create them, the projects enter one of the following states:

        Error – projects in this state failed during creation. Hovering over the error icon displays the failure reason.

        Success – projects in this state were created successfully.


Filter All Columns

You can filter by any text that appears in any of the columns. For example, if you know the name (or part of the name) of the project that you are searching for (or the phase, manager, etc.), enter at least part of the text in this field. The Items list updates automatically as you type. For example, if the project you are searching for has the number 30 somewhere in one of the columns, enter 30 in this field. The list will be narrowed down to only projects that have the number 30 somewhere in one of the columns.


Click to toggle between showing and hiding the column filter fields.


Click to clear all filters.

Group By

Click to group by the any of the columns. For example, if you want to group the list by project name, select Project Name from the drop-down list. The projects will be grouped into sections alphabetically by name. See Column Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping for more information.


For a description of the columns, refer to the Project Center Administration activity center Projects tab topic. Right-click on any column header to add and remove columns. Click the icons for more filtering options.



Click to open the Add Project dialog box to set basic project information and create an entry in the list above.


Click to open the Select Spreadsheet dialog box to locate and open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from which to import project data. If a file is successfully imported, the rows in the list are added (or updated).


Click to open the Modify Project dialog box to edit basic project information for the projects selected in the list above.

Edit in Spreadsheet

Click to open the Save Spreadsheet dialog box to export the current contents of the projects in the list to an Excel file, or to create a new blank Excel spreadsheet with the proper tags if the list is empty. You can then edit the Excel file and re-import it to populate/update the contents of the list.


Click to remove the currently selected rows from the list.

Remove All

Click to remove all of the rows from the list.

Find Primary Folders

Click to open the Find Primary Folders dialog box to list all of the projects that do not have a primary project folder defined.

Find Secondary Folders

Click to open the Find Secondary Folders dialog box to list all of the projects that do not have a secondary project folder defined.

Auto Create

        Mark the Contacts checkbox if you want to automatically create adhoc contacts and add them to the Project Center database using the email address if the contacts do not already exist in the Project Center database. This works for all three contact fields: Project Manager Email, Principal in Charge Email, and Main Contact Email.

        Mark the Companies checkbox to automatically add client companies as defined in the Client Company Name field if the companies do not already exist in the Project Center database.

Project creation will fail if these checkboxes are not enabled and the contacts or companies don't already exist in the database.

Create Projects

Click to create a new project for every project in the list. The following events occur:

        If there are projects in the list that have already been created, a message appears explaining that those projects will be removed from the list. You can continue creating projects or stop the process there. If you continue, the following things happen:

        The button changes from Create Projects to Stop.

        The errors are cleared from the list.

        The successes are cleared from the list.

        Project Center attempts to create the projects in the list one-by-one, updating the status and the list summary data along the way, which continues until all of the items have been processed or you click Stop.


Click to close this dialog box.

When you click Close in this dialog box, all of the information you entered is saved, and will be available the next time you re-open it.


To access this dialog box

Click Create > Batch Create Multiple Projects from the Tasks panel of the Project Center Administration activity center Projects tab.


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