Choose Folder dialog box

Use this dialog box to locate and add a folder to a project. Before you can do this, all users have to be logged out of the project, and the Project Center Server cannot be accessing it.

Connection Name

The name of the file system to connect to. File System is the default. If you use an EDMS and the connection has been configured, select it from the drop-down list.

EDMS's are configured in the Configure EDMS Server dialog box.

Project Folder

Enter the full path to the folder containing the source files you will be using in this project. Click the icon to open the Browse for Folder dialog box to locate the folder.

Important: The files accessed and used by the Project Center project must be located on your network file server so that the Project Center Server has access to them and can index and search them. If you enter a path to files that are stored on your local machine, other users may not have access to them, and the Project Center Server may not have access to them. In this case, Project Center will not work, because the Project Center Server needs to have access to the project in order to perform those functions.

For advanced users: If your system administrator has your local machine mapped on the Project Center Server, you can select a folder containing files stored on your local machine and have full search functionality.

Important: The folders and files you are adding to the project must be able to be indexed by the Project Center Server. In the Advanced Attributes dialog box (which is accessed by clicking Advanced from the Properties dialog box in Windows), the For Fast Searching, Allow Indexing Service to Index this Folder checkbox must be selected. If this checkbox is off cleared (off), the Project Center Server will not be able to index them or search them.

For folders that are used in multiple projects, the .DWG files in each folder will get indexed as many times as the number of projects accessing it. Projects accessed over a WAN will also be indexed more slowly.


To access this dialog box

Click Add Folder, Repath, or Repair Broken Link form the Project Folders tab of the Create a New Project dialog box or the Edit Project Settings dialog box.


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