Create Record Copy dialog box

Use this dialog box to create and save a record copy of the contents of the selected folder or the selected document set. It is saved to a .ZIP file.


Enter a name for the record copy .ZIP file.

External References

Select one of the following options to include any externally referenced files in the .ZIP file:

Do Not Include External References

Select this option to leave out all externally referenced files.

Only Include Externally Referenced Drawing and Image Files

Select this option to include only externally referenced drawing and image files.

Include All Externally Referenced Drawing, Image, and Support Files

Select this option to include all externally referenced drawing and image files, as well as plot support files required by the AutoCAD files so that they have 100% plot fidelity. These include .CTB, .SHX, .PC3, and .TTF files (True Type fonts).

The Summary of Included Files and References dialog box opens if any of these files cannot be found.

Save Record Copy in

Click the icon to select the project folder in which to save the record copy .ZIP file.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:


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