Drive Mappings dialog box

If accessing your project drawing files and their external reference files requires local drive letter mappings, then you will need to use this dialog box to add the mappings.

Project Drive Letter Mappings

Enter the drive letter mappings in this field. The Project Center Server will use that information to find external references when it indexes your drawings. Also, the drive letter mappings specified in this dialog box will automatically be applied to each user’s computer when they open the project in Project Center.

For example, if your project is located at \\FileServer\Projects\MyProject, but you want to access it as P:\MyProject, then you will need to add a project drive letter mapping. You will simply need to enter P: \\FileServer\Projects in this field. When you finish editing the project's settings, the drive letter mapping will be created on your computer. Also, when your project is indexed, the server will be able to find external references that are stored as P:\MyProject\<xrefpath>.dwg by substituting P: with \\FileServer\Projects.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:

        Click Drive Letter Mappings from the Project Folders tab of the Create a New Project dialog box or the Edit Project Settings dialog box.

        Select one or more projects and click Change Project Settings > Project Folders > Drive Letter Mappings from the Tasks panel of the Project Center Administration activity center Projects tab.



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