Edit My Projects/Edit Projects for User dialog box

Use this dialog box to customize the contents of the My Projects tab of the My Project Center activity center for yourself or another Project Center user, depending on where you accessed it from.

Active Projects

This field displays the current contents of the My Projects tab. Drag and drop projects from this list to the Unused Projects field to remove them from the tab.

Project Name

The name of the project.

      • The icon represents active projects.

      • The icon represents opportunity projects.

      • The icon represents archived projects.

      • The icon represents offline projects.

      • The icon represents projects that are being repinned.

Changes made here will not be applied to your Newforma - Items to File folder in Microsoft Outlook until you click Synchronize in the legacy Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook Toolbar.


The number of the project.


Click to open the Select Projects dialog box to add projects to the My Projects tab.


Unused Projects

This list contains Project Center projects that no longer appear in the My Projects tab. Drag and drop them into the  Active Projects field to list them in the My Projects tab.


Click to remove the selected project from the Unused list.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:


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