Join Project Team dialog box

Use this dialog box to join the internal project team, which enables you to send and receive project items for the currently open project.

This dialog box applies to the user currently logged in. If you select the option to access project content on Info Exchange, you will receive an account notification email message from Info Exchange containing your Info Exchange username and password after you join the project team.

Contact Information tab

Email Address

Enter your email address.

First Name/Last Name

Enter your first and last names in the respective fields.


Click to open the Choose Disciplines dialog box to apply disciplines to yourself.

Job Title

Enter your job title.


Enter the name of your department.


Click to open the Choose Roles dialog box to assign the roles you perform.


Click to open the Select a Culture dialog box to set the language for any notifications that are sent to you that are not project-specific, such as Info Exchange account notifications and password reset instructions.



Click to open the Choose Company dialog box to select your company.


Click to open the Modify Company dialog box or the View Company dialog box to edit or view your company's information.

Office Location

Click the drop-down list to select your office location.



Enter your work, mobile, home, and fax numbers.

Show in Contact Lists

Mark this checkbox to list yourself in contact dialog boxes and contact lists throughout Project Center. All users will be able to see you.

If this checkbox is cleared, the following occurs:

Content Administrators and Global Administrators will still have full access, but for Professional users:

        You will still appear in Project Manager, Principal in Charge, and Main Contact fields and columns in projects.

        You will still appear in the Project Team activity center.

        You will appear in Main Contact fields in company dialog boxes..

        You will still appear in Send To/From/To/ Forwarded to/Due Back from/etc. fields for project items throughout Project Center.

        You will not appear in the Contacts tab of the Contact Directory.

        You will not appear in Browse Company Contacts dialog box from the Contact Directory.

        You will not appear in the Select Project Team Members from Companies dialog box or the Choose New Team Members from Global Contact List dialog box.

        You will not appear in the Choose Project Team Members dialog box or the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box in the All Contacts filter list.


  • Select Active if you are an active Project Center user.

  • Select Inactive to inactivate yourself. Inactive users cannot log into Info Exchange, and do not appear on project teams. When reactivated, you will reappear in project team lists.


Select whether you were added Manually or from the Microsoft Exchange Global Address List.

If the source is the Global Address List, the fields in this dialog box are read-only and cannot be edited.


Use Office Address

Mark this checkbox to use the information from the office selected in the Office Location field.


Click to copy the information in the address fields to the clipboard.

Map It

Click to open the address in Google Maps.


Enter your address.


Enter your city.


Enter your state/province.

Zip/Postal Code

Enter your zip code.


Enter your country.

Address Type

Click to open the Choose Address Type dialog box to choose the location's type.


Contact Notes tab

Use this tab to add comments and notes about yourself.


Click to open the Add a Comment dialog box to add a comment, which you can relate to a project.


Click to open the Modify Comment dialog box to edit a comment.


Click to delete the selected comment.


The date and time the comments were entered.


The author of the comments.


The comments.

Related To

The project the comments are related to, if any.


Enter any additional notes about yourself in this section.


Custom Fields tab

This tab will appear if there is a custom field layout defined for contacts. This tab lists any additional fields that were created for the custom layout.


Project Roles and Permissions tab

Use this tab to set your role on the project, Info Exchange options, and groups.

Project Role

Company Role on Project

This field displays your role on the project.

Member Role on Project

Click to open the Choose Member Role on Project dialog box to select the role you perform on this project.

Project Status

  • Select Active to make yourself active on this project.

  • Select Inactive to make yourself inactive on this project. You will not appear in any contact lists for this project, and will be italicized and grayed out in the Project Team activity center.

Making a contact inactive at the project level has no effect on the global level status (set in the Contact Information tab).

Primary Contact on This Project

Mark this checkbox to become a primary contact for this project.

Each project can have multiple primary contacts. Each project can also have a main contact, which is set in the Edit Project Settings dialog box.

Primary internal contacts are indicated by the icon. Primary external contacts are indicated by the icon.

Newforma Info Exchange Options

Allow Web Access to This Project on Your Info Exchange Server

Mark this checkbox to access the current project on your Newforma Info Exchange Server through the web. Clear the checkbox to remove access to this project.

If this project has not been added to Info Exchange, then this feature will be disabled. A Project Center administrator must add this project to Info Exchange to enable this feature.

Member Visibility on Info Exchange

From the drop-down list, select the Info Exchange visibility option to apply to yourself.

  • Select Visible to All External Project Team Members (Show Name, Company and Email) to allow all external project team members to see you on Info Exchange, but only your name, company, and email address.

  • Select Visible to All External Project Team Members (Show All Information) to allow all external project team members to see all of your information on Info Exchange.

  • Select Visible to Fellow Company Members Only (Show All Information) to allow only external project team members with the same name in the Company Name field to interact with you via Info Exchange.

  • Select Hide From All Other External Project Team Members to prevent external project team members from seeing you on Info Exchange.

A hidden team member who is part of a group will not receive file transfers if an external team member picks the group to send a transfer to.

Permission Set

Select which permission set to assign to you. The permission set determines which project items appear on each Info Exchange activity center for you.


Click to open a read-only version of the Modify Permission Definitions for Set dialog box to view the permission set and the parameters applied to you.


The description of the permission set.


Project Team Groups

Add to Selected Project Team Groups

Mark the checkboxes of the project team groups to which you want to add yourself, or clear the checkboxes of the groups you want to remove yourself from.


Project Assignments tab

This tab lists all of the projects on which you are a team member.

Add to Other Projects

Click to open the Select a Project dialog box to add yourself as a team member to other Project Center projects.

Remove from Project

Click to remove yourself as a team member from the selected project.


Change Log tab

This tab lists all changes made to your information.


To access this dialog box

Click Join the Project Team from the Tasks panel of the Project Team activity center.


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