Set Drawing Scale dialog box

Use this dialog box to set the scale to generate accurate linear and area calculations for raster images (.PNG, .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, and .TIF files), as well as .PDF files and .DWF files when using any of those file types as the source file in the Newforma Viewer.

Current Drawing Unit

The current background drawing unit.

Actual distance

Enter the distance between the two end points of the measuring line.

Before setting the scale, make sure the correct Drawing Unit is set for the source raster drawing (such as feet for a site drawing, inches for an architectural plan, etc.). You can set the drawing unit in the Source File Settings dialog box.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box in the following ways:

  • From the Viewer Tasks panel, click Count and Measure, then click Measure Length or Measure Area. Click Yes when the message appears to specify the scale, then click and drag between two points on the image for which you know the distance.

  • Select Set Drawing Scale from the Drawing Unit drop-down list located in the bottom left -hand corner of the Newforma Viewer, then click and drag between two points.


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