Options dialog box

Use this dialog box to set the background color, object colors, zoom speed, transparency, snap, and text and light weight consistency of a markup and its source drawing.

Drawing Appearance

Viewer Background Color

To change the background color of the drawing, click the box and choose a new color.

Monochrome Background Geometry

To change the color of all objects in the drawing to the same color, mark this checkbox, then click the box and choose a color from the palette.

Monochrome Background Geometry does not change the color of the markups added to the drawing.

Background Lineweight Scale

Use the slider to scale the line weight of .DWG and .DGN drawings from thin to thick. Depending on the size of the page you are printing on, you can scale the line weights so that they show up on the printed page.

Use GDI+ Rasterizer for PDF Display

Mark this checkbox to open PDFs more quickly and to use less memory.

Be aware that using the GDI+ option increases speed, but may render soft masks, shadings, and transparency incorrectly. The built-in rasterizer (the default) will display correctly, but may take longer and use more memory.

Enable Warning Message Window

Mark this checkbox to allow warning messages to appear when a problem occurs.

Snapshot Format

Select the file format in which to save and send screen captures when you click the button from the Newforma Viewer toolbar.


Consistent Markup Text and Line Weight

Mark this checkbox to scale the text and line weight for markups.

Display Open Markup Sessions

Mark this checkbox to open the Drawing Explorer dialog box to the Markup Sessions tab when a new file is opened in the Newforma Viewer. The Markup Sessions tab shows all markups that have been created for the file.

Use Ctrl or Shift to Add to Selection

Clear this checkbox to add subsequently selected markup objects to the set of selected items when you use the tool from the Markup Tools panel. As you click on markup objects, the previously chosen objects will remain selected, which is the same as using the Shift key while clicking multiple objects.

  • If you select object A, then select object B, object A remains selected.  

  • If you select objects A and B and want to remove object B from the selection set, hold down the Shift key and pick object B to remove it and keep A selected.

  • You can de-select objects by pressing the Esc key or right clicking the mouse.

Conversely, if you mark this checkbox, only one object will be selected at a time. If you select object A, then select object B, object A will be unselected. To select multiple objects in this case, press the Shift key while selecting objects.

Snap to Background Geometry

Mark this checkbox to snap to objects in the drawing when adding markups and using the measurement tools.

Zoom Speed

To change the zoom speed, move the slider to the left to slow it down, or to the right to speed it up.


To access this dialog box

Click Options from the Viewer Tasks panel of the Newforma Viewer.


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