Custom Activity Examples

The following activities are examples of custom activity centers that can be added to the Project Home activity center. Some of these examples may already be listed in the Unused Activities field in the Edit Project Home Contents dialog box.


Activity Center Name



Action Definition


2D CAD design authoring application by Autodesk

Launch a Windows application

C:\Program Files\AutoCAD LT 2006\aclt.exe

Newforma Community

Newforma's Customer Community

Open a website

Project Summary Report

Access to weekly update of summary report for this project

Launch a Windows Application

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe

Command-line: [ProjectFolder]\Financial\Project Summary Report.pdf

Google Earth

Identify project location on surface of earth

Launch a Windows application

C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth\Client\GoogleEarth.exe

Command-line: "[EarthLocation]"

[EarthLocation] uses the Longitude and Latitude in the project settings to locate the project in Google Earth.


CAD design authoring application by Bentley

Launch a Windows application

C:\Program Files\Bentley\Program\MicroStation\ustation.exe

My Project's Info Exchange website

Info Exchange website for this project

Open a website


First Source

Access building product information from Reed Construction Data

Open a website

Google Maps

Identify project location

Open a website[MapLocation]

[MapLocation] uses the project longitude and latitude. If they aren’t specified, it uses the project address.

McGraw-Hill Construction Network for Products

Access to building product information from McGraw-Hill

Open a website

My Company's Info Exchange website

Access to project information via Info Exchange website

Open a website


Newforma Company Website

Access Newforma's website

Open a website


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