Add Project Team Group dialog box

Use this dialog box to add a Project Team Group to manage your project contacts in Info Exchange.

You must have appropriate permissions to add project team groups.


Enter a name for the project team group.

Selection Checkbox

Select the checkbox to the left of any project team members you want to add to the group.

Team Member Type

This column displays an icon that indicates the team member type. Possible team member types are:

         Indicates an internal team member.

         Indicates an external team member.

         Indicates a group.

         Indicates a primary internal contact.

         Indicates a primary external contact.


The name of the project team member.


The company associated with the project team member.

Email Address

The email address for the project team member. Select the link to open a new message window in Microsoft Outlook.



To access this dialog box

Select Add Group in the Project Team log in Info Exchange.


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