Select Project Team Members as Recipients dialog box

Use this dialog box to add the To and CC recipients when sending project items.

Selection Checkbox

Select the checkbox to the left of any contacts you want to send the project item to.

Team Member Type

This column displays an icon that indicates the contact type. Possible contact types are:

         Indicates an internal team member.

         Indicates an external team member.

         Indicates a group.

         Indicates a primary internal contact.

         Indicates a primary external contact.


The name of the contact as it appears throughout Info Exchange.


The name of the company assigned to the contact.

Email Address

The email address for the contact.


Discipline assigned to the contact. Multiple disciplines may be selected.


Role assigned to the contact. Multiple roles may be selected.

Add Team Members

Select Add Team Members to open the Add Team Members dialog box.

Select OK to add the selected contacts to the project item.


To access this dialog box

Select the To or CC field in dialog boxes throughout Info Exchange.


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