Cloud Delivery Overview

Integrate Newforma Info Exchange with your Cloud Service Provider ( DropBox, Google Drive, or Box) to simplify the syncing of files to the cloud.  Newforma's integration with these services provides an automated method for external project team members to share (receive and send) project data. Connecting Info Exchange with cloud service providers increases your efficiency in managing project data.


The cloud integration feature provides the following benefits to project team members:

        Simple syncing of files - You can send your file transfers to cloud service providers. This feature is especially handy for tablet users in retrieving data on the jobsite.  

        Remote access of critical project data - For contractors and other users that work from onsite locations and are rarely at their desk, there is a critical need for access to project information remotely.

        Ease of access to project data - Both internal and external users can access the critical project data via Info Exchange anywhere, at any time, on any device.

        Transfer of large amounts of data - The Newforma cloud storage functionality gives you the ability to send large project files in a file transfer and have them automatically delivered to the cloud storage accounts for external team members.


The integration between Info Exchange and a cloud service provider consists of configuring cloud delivery on Info Exchange by a Newforma Project Center administrator as part of the initial setup. Once configured, you can then configure your profile on Info Exchange to make the link to your cloud service account.

When the project offers automated cloud delivery, you can have file transfers and shared folders automatically copied to the cloud provider that you have configured for your Info Exchange account.

When files are transferred to you, the email notification has links allowing you to have the files delivered to your cloud storage account. Use the Cloud Transfers log to track the progress of the file delivery.


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