Project Email Overview

Project Center's project email feature manages the flood of email that swamps each project team member’s email Inbox. It allows the valuable knowledge that is so often buried in each project team member’s Inbox to be readily available to the rest of the project team.

The benefits of using Project Center's email feature

  • Project-related email is stored along with project data on your corporate file server so your entire project team can search, retrieve, and reply to it.

  • It keeps the Inboxes of Project Center users organized and clean by moving filed messages to a user-specified folder.

  • Search eliminates the need for project email to be filed hierarchically by topic.

  • Archival of project email on the corporate file server diminishes the burden on the corporate email server.

  • Projects can have their own email addresses that contacts can send email to directly, which are automatically logged in the Project Email activity center.

Info Exchange

Info Exchange users can access their project email through the web via the Project Email log when they are not connected to their network. External project team members can access email messages that their name is on.


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