My Projects Page

The My Projects page lists all projects on which you are a team member that are visible on Info Exchange.


Open Items

Displays the number of open items for the project that are assigned to you. The number of items overdue appears in parentheses after the icon. The number of items due in 8 days or less appears in parentheses after the  icon.


The project number.

Name and Description

The project name and description. Select the Name hyperlink to open the Project Home page.


The current phase for the project.


The project status.


This field provides tools for managing your open project items. There are two action lists: Send and View. The options available in these fields are determined by the project settings. For further information, see Manage Open Items.

Project Administrators can configure which tasks appear in the selected contract management item activity center for all users of the selected project.

Additional fields

The following fields can be added to the My Projects page by selecting the Show/Hide Columns button to access the Field Chooser.


The address for the project. Click on the link to view the location on a map.


The project description.


The project name.


Page Tools

The following tools are available in the My Projects page toolbar. For more information, refer to Log Page Tools.


Select to export the items in this log.

Show/Hide Column Filters

Select  to toggle on/off the column filters.

Show/Hide Group By Panel

Select  to toggle on/off the group by panel.

Show/Hide Columns

Select  to access the Field Chooser to add or remove columns from the log grid.


Remove From My Projects

This option is only available to internal (Project Center) users.

When you select the checkbox to the right of a project, the Remove From My Projects button at the bottom of the project list becomes active. Select it to remove the selected project(s) from the My Projects page.


To access this page

Select My Projects in the menu bar.


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