Newforma Info Exchange Tenth Edition Help  


Welcome to Newforma® Info Exchange Tenth Edition                                      

Newforma Info Exchange streamlines the sharing and coordination of project information stored in Newforma Project Center, enabling team members to share information without the need for FTP or email file size limitations. Through a simple, configurable web client, each team member can quickly and securely send and review project information (including submittals, RFIs and other shared project documents), comment and respond without the need for costly printing or inefficient e-mailing, all while effortlessly maintaining a detailed audit trail of project activity. And best of all, you can access information on Info Exchange from any modern browser, tablet or smartphone, including iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Click on any of the links or icons below for information on the Info Exchange activity centers and features.

Project Center Activity Centers

Action Items Addendums Bulletins

Change Order Proposals Change Orders
Construction Change Directives   Contacts Directory Contracts Cost Codes Daily Reports
Document Sets Field Notes File Transfers Markup Sessions Meeting Minutes
Model Views Newforma Web Viewer Potential Change Orders Project Email Project Teams
Project Calendar Proposal Requests Public File Transfers Punch Lists Record Documents
RFIs Shared Folders Site Visits Sketches and Supplemental Drawings Spatial Index
Submittals Supplemental Instructions            


Project Center Features

  Contract Management   Newforma ID   Newforma Mobile Apps   Newforma Model Viewer (VEO)   Newforma to Newforma
  Project Home Page   Projects   Search        


To get started using Info Exchange

        Log into Info Exchange and select a project from the My Projects page to start working with a project and the features listed above.



Help updated 7/14/14