Configure Cloud Delivery for Your Profile

Follow this procedure to enable your Info Exchange profile to share data with a cloud storage provider.

Before you get started

Before you get started, a Project Center administrator will need to configure Info Exchange to allow cloud delivery. For more information, please refer to Configure Cloud Delivery on Info Exchange.


Once the administrator has configured Project Center, you can configure your profile to enable cloud delivery. Perform the following steps to configure cloud delivery of project documents:

        Create a Newforma ID

        Create a cloud delivery account

        Connect your Newforma ID account to your cloud storage account


To create a Newforma ID

You must have a Newforma ID to configure cloud delivery. If you do not already have a Newforma ID, please refer to Create a Newforma ID for instructions.


To create a cloud delivery account

You must have a cloud delivery account set up with a cloud storage provider.  Please refer to their documentation for instructions on creating a new account.

Each service provides different features and amounts of storage. Please check with your cloud service provider for more details.

To connect your Newforma ID account to your cloud storage account

1       Logon to Info Exchange using your Newforma ID.

For information on logging in with your Newforma ID, please refer to Create a Newforma ID.

2       Click My Profile at the top right of the Info Exchange window to open the Contact Profile page.

3       Click Modify to open the Modify Contact Profile page and click on the Cloud Delivery tab, shown below. You will see all the projects on which you are a project team member that are available on Info Exchange.

If you are not already logged into Info Exchange with your Newforma ID, you will be prompted to do so. Click Sign in to Newforma ID to login with your Newforma ID information before proceeding.

4       Click the Account drop-down list for the appropriate project to view your available cloud storage accounts. If you have not linked an account to your Newforma ID, click Add Account from the drop-down list.

5       In the Add Cloud Storage Account dialog box, click the option that matches your existing cloud storage account.

Regardless of the option you choose, you are directed to the logon page for the cloud storage account.


6       Log onto your cloud storage account. Once logged in, a page asking to allow Info Exchange to create a folder will display. Allow for the creation of the folder to enable your Newforma Info Exchange account to connect with your cloud storage account.

7       Close any confirmation pages as needed and return to Info Exchange.

Different cloud storage providers may work differently. Please see the documentation for your provider for more information.

The location of this folder may be placed under a general folder, such as APPS, on your cloud storage provider page. Check with the provider for details.

8       The new cloud storage provider information now appears in the Account field on the Cloud Delivery tab, as shown below. The Account Folder column contains the name of the Newforma Info Exchange project.

 Mark the Automatic Delivery checkbox to allow file transfers from Info Exchange to be sent automatically to your cloud storage account.

If automatic delivery is not enabled, follow the links in a File Transfer email notification to download the file or to deliver it to your cloud storage account.


Limits on file sharing

Each cloud storage provider enforces some limits for the size of files that you can copy to your account. If the size of a file or an entire file transfer exceeds these limits, you may not be able to download the transfer contents to your cloud storage account.

Please refer to the documentation for your cloud provider for detailed information.


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