Create Space dialog box

Use this dialog box to create a space in the Spatial Index activity center.


Enter a name for the new space.

System Type

Enter a keyword to describe the space's functional category.


Enter a number for the space.

Space Type

Select the space's type from the drop-down list.

If extended properties were added using the Utilities > Edit Extended Properties task, they will appear as additional fields (in addition to the fields above) in this dialog box. There could be many other fields, depending on how many have been added.


Click to open the Choose a Project Team Member dialog box to add project team members to this space.

Data Sheet

Click the button to open the Select File dialog box to locate a file containing data about the space.


Description tab/Email Log tab/Supporting Documents tab/Related Items tab/Change Log tab

Refer to the Spatial Index activity center for a descriptions of these tabs.


To access this dialog box

Click Create Space from the Tasks panel of the Spatial Index activity center.


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