Open/Select File dialog box

Use this dialog box to locate either a project file, the folder a file with a broken link was moved to, or to locate a file to link to in the Newforma Viewer, depending on where you accessed this dialog box from.

Project List

If the project you want to locate the file from does not appear in the this column, click to open the Select a Project dialog box to select the project.


Look In

Select the project folder in which the file is located. A list of folders in the project is listed. When you select the folder, the files from that folder are listed, including the names, types, sizes, modification dates, and the full paths to the files.

File Name

The name of the file selected.

Files of Type

Filter the list by selecting the file type you are looking for from this drop-down menu. If you are fixing a broken link, only files of the same type as the file with the missing link are available.


Click to open the file.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box by clicking the button from various dialog boxes throughout Project Center.


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