Edit Text tool

Use this tool to add text and edit text properties when you mark up a drawing using the Newforma Viewer. Use it to:

        Enter your text by typing into the text area. You can press Enter to start a new line.

        Modify the text properties, including the color, font, and size.

        Select previously entered text strings. Previous text strings are remembered so that frequently repeated paragraphs, sentences, and phrases can be reused.

        Click the Save View as Markup button to save the current view as a markup that can be worked with using the Markup View panel, located on the right side of the Newforma Viewer.

Click any area of the following example for more information.



International users

When entering text, international users need to use a Unicode font when saving a .PDF, otherwise the text won't be recognized and will display as boxes. Arial Unicode is the recommended font, as it contains double-byte characters in the font definition. Other fonts may not support all characters, which would also result in boxes showing up in the .PDF.


To access this dialog box

Click and then select in the Markup Tools panel of the Newforma Viewer, then click anywhere in the markup session.


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