Field Notes Overview

Field notes refer to various notes recorded by project team members such as architects, consultants or GCs as comments to themselves when walking the job site. Throughout the day, project team members (in the field and home office) might carry around ledgers or spiral bound notebooks, cell phones, cameras, hard-copy drawings, pens and pencils, and even voice recorders to take project notes. Any notes requiring action must be transcribed into the project management system later, as the recorded notes are a personal record with no connection back to the central project files.

Project Center helps you streamline the entire process of entering and tracking field notes. You can now enter field notes in the form of text, photo, audio, or video captured using a Smartphone or a tablet at the job site, which can then be synced with Project Center via Info Exchange, making them easy to review and manage by the project team.

After logging field notes on the job site, users can then easily generate site visits and daily reports from the field notes, as well as action items with information pre-populated from the field notes.

Getting started in Project Center

You can start logging field notes in any of the following ways:

        Use the Field Notes activity center to log and manage your field notes in Project Center.

        Enter field notes in Info Exchange.

        Use the Newforma Capture App on your iPhone or iPad. The field notes will automatically sync with Info Exchange and Project Center.



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