Modify Comparison panel

Use this panel to do any of the following: align two background drawings; scale two background drawings to each other; fit a revised drawing to a baseline drawing; return to the original drawing alignment; compare model spaces; accept the revised drawing; revert to the baseline drawing; and swap the baseline and revised drawings.

Baseline Drawing

The name of the baseline drawing file. Click the file name to select a different baseline drawing.

Revised Drawing

The name of the revised drawing file. Click the file name to select a different drawing revision.

Align Drawings

Click to align two background drawings to compare them to each other more easily, and to scale two drawings to the same scale.

Fit Revised to Baseline

Click to roughly align a drawing revision to a baseline drawing. This feature is useful when comparing two drawing files whose coordinate systems are not aligned. For example, this can happen when comparing an AutoCAD .DWG file to a .PDF file. In this scenario, the revised .PDF file could appear as a tiny speck relative to the  baseline .DWG file. Using the Align Drawings task to align the smaller drawing to the larger one would be very difficult without first using this feature, which scales the extents of the revised drawing to match the extents of the baseline drawing. After using this task, the two files will be roughly aligned. You can then use the Align Drawings task to align the two files more precisely.

Original Drawing Alignment

Click to return the baseline and revised drawings to their original alignments if you used the Align Drawings or the Fit Revised to Baseline tasks to change the alignment of two files.

Compare Model Space Only

By default, the last saved layouts in AutoCAD are compared. Click to reload and compare the two drawings in Model Space mode to ignore any changes that have been made to viewports in the saved layout of the revised drawing. This is useful when a viewport in a revised drawing’s saved layout has been moved, or the view within a viewport has been panned or zoomed to a different scale. In this case, all the geometry within the revised drawing’s modified viewport will appear to have changed, even if all of the revised drawing's actual Model Space coordinates are unchanged. When you click Compare Model Space Only, only the Model Spaces of each drawing are compared.

Accept Revised Drawing

Click to close the baseline drawing and accept the revised drawing.

Revert to Previous Drawing

Click to close the revised drawing and return to the baseline drawing.

Swap Baseline and Revised Selections

Click to swap the baseline and revised drawings. The baseline takes the place of the revised selection, and vice-versa.

Back to Compare Tasks

Click when finished comparing to return to the Compare Tasks panel.


To access this panel

Click Compare from the Viewer Tasks panel, then click Modify Comparison from the Compare Tasks panel of the Newforma Viewer.


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