Choose Company dialog box

Use this dialog box to select the company that a contact or project team member works for, or to assign a company a role in a project.

Filter All Columns

You can filter by any text that appears in any of the columns. For example, if you know the name (or part of the name) of the company that you are searching for (or the street or web address), enter at least part of the text in this field. The list updates automatically as you type. For example, if the company you are searching for has the letter m somewhere in one of the columns, enter m in this field. The list will be narrowed down to only companies that have the letter m somewhere in one of the columns.


The name of the company.

Street Address

The company's street address.

The default location (if set in the Modify Company dialog box) is displayed in the Street Address column. Otherwise the first office location address is used.


The company's city.


The company's state.


The company's zip code.


The company's country.

Address Type

The address type of the company's default location.

Main Contact

The main company contact.

Web Address

The company's web address.

Office Phone

The company's main phone number.

Fax Number

The company's fax number.

Spec Section

Any spec sections applied to the company.


Any disciplines applied to the company..


The locations of the company's offices.


Any notes added about the company.


The rating given to the company.

Company Type

The type applied to the company.

Add Company

Click to open the Add Company dialog box to add a new company to the Project Center database.

Modify Company

Click to open the Modify Company dialog box to edit the selected company's information.


To access this dialog box

You can access this dialog box by clicking Company  from the following dialog boxes:

        Add Contact dialog box

        Modify Contact dialog box

        Add New Project Team Member dialog box

        Modify Project Team Member dialog box

        Join Project Team dialog box

        Set the Current User dialog box

        Create Project dialog box

        Edit Project Settings dialog box.


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